Mike Barlow

Mike Barlow

Elizabeth Burns

Elizabeth Burns

Carole Coates by George Coupe

Carole Coates

Sarah Hymas

Sarah Hymas

Jane Routh

Jane Routh

Ian Seed

Ian Seed

We are six widely published Lancaster-based poets with many well-received collections and awards between us. As SIXFOLD we work together in themed performances.

We give readings that celebrate our varieties of approach, language and voice.

Our programmes play on contrasts and similarities.

Our poems cover personal history, relationships, story-telling, myth, humour and the surreal.


Elizabeth died on 20th August 2015 after a long illness.

She will be missed so much by her family and her many many friends, as well as by writing groups to which she belonged or which she ran, by her students and mentees, by her readers - and of course by Sixfold.



“the theme was a real force of unity that gave the programme a shaped quality, with impetus and flow, community and diversity”

“resonances and chiming between the poems enabled all sorts of subtle connections to gather in the mind”

“there was an enchanting coherence to the reading; attention didn't lapse for a moment”

“evocative; a special atmosphere: a lovely evening”



Our current programmes are on the themes of:

From ocean to tap water via rivers, lakes and rainfall we explore the many ways water features in our lives and imaginations.

Love them or hate them, we all have them – near or distant, known or unknown. Poems about our fathers, being fathers, and father-figures bring together disparate emotions in one powerful evening. (Particularly suitable for Fathers' Day!)

Does it ever leave us? Poems about those formative experiences – light, dark, funny, serious – that make us who we are.

Performances last approximately 45 minutes

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Other readings:
We're always developing our programme, and we're happy to work on specially commissioned themes. All six of us continue to perform as individual poets. Here is more information about us.

Information about our past readings may be found here.

Photograph of Carole Coates by George Coupe

Last updated: August 1st 2015